Used by messy people

You'll be happy to learn that we use XPWeb itself as our project management soft, for developping XPWeb...

Well, actually, we use it when we have time, which means almost never.

So, please understand that everything you'll see is probably out of date... The demo you can see is more to give you an idea of the soft, don't be affraid of stories that are 2500% out of date or other strange behaviour: some data are corrupted because we played a little bit too much with it. (that means, we didn't run proper updates and used unstable versions).

This is quite a bad example of using the tool!

A clean installed and updated XPWeb is normally nicer!

XML export is not available in the demo
This is simply because we only have a PHP4 provider and XML export is only available with PHP5!

If anyone is interested in providing his own project management as a demo (read only, obviously) please feel free to contact us.

What's in the demo

On the demo site are two projects:
  • "XPWeb On XPWeb": the project itself
  • A demo project you can play with (you'll probably want to add stories about good price viagra - you people are strange ;-)

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