Frequently asked questions


  • How can I contact you?
    See here.
    Please remember: always use forums first for help / feature requests so that all users enjoy the discussion.
  • How can I keep up to date?
    XPWeb features an automatic update check. See file for instructions.

    You might also add RSS feed to your browser and be notified when a news is posted here.
  • Why "XPWeb"?
    "XP" states for "eXtreme Programming". eXtreme Programming is a light methodology for handling programming projects.
    XPWeb was named on the basic rule that it's enabling XP with remote teams.
    XPWeb can probably be useful for people who use other agile methods such as SCRUM and even to those who need a simple and lightweight online task manager.
  • eXtreme Programming?
    eXtreme Programming information can be found at


  • I'm very good at PHP / Javascript / SQL. Can I help?
    Of course you can. There are plenty of things to do. Please first contact us.
  • I'm very bad at PHP. But I'm a Java / C++ / Eclipse guru. Can I help?
    Well, anybody who's interested in participating is welcome.
  • I'm bad at anything about programming. But I'm amazingly rich.
    You might consider donating.
  • I want to translate XPWeb into xxxxx language.
    Please don't do it yourself!
    See this page.
  • I want to build my own plugin.
    There is no plugin API at the moment. Tell us what you want to do and we'll see how we can build such an API.
  • I want to build my own skin / theme.
    You can build a Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) file that will override the existing styles. This file must be named XPWeb_local.css and moved to /XPWeb/View.
    Note that you can also apply style to any XML output with XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language).

    We'd be happy to receive your stylesheets!

I need help

  • I can't see anything - I can't connect to MySQL.
    Before to ask on the forums please check and RE-check your web server config and sql installation. Then check and RE-check your file to see if your database username and password are ok.
    We've tested XPWeb with many configurations and it's been working for years. So, there might be bugs, but you should at least be able to install it, remember ;-)
  • I don't get any XML export.
    XML export only works on some sections of XPWeb (most of them) and only with PHP5.
  • I get blank pages as soon as I leave the main page... What's going on?
    Do you have the session.auto_start set to 1 in your php.ini config file?
  • How do I set "debug mode"?
    Debug mode is for... debugging. Only use debug mode when something is going wrong and you want to know what (or because someone asked you on the Help forum!).
    Some things might not work in the debug mode.
    Anyway. Debug mode can be switch from true to false in file change line:
    $XP_DEBUG = false;
    with either true or false...


  • Does XPWeb work on Mac / Linux / GameBoy Advance ?
    XPWeb installs on any web server. Wherever you can install a web server with PHP and a database, XPWeb should work.
  • Which version of PHP is required for XPWeb?
    XPWeb works with PHP version 4 and more. With version 5 you'll get XML export.
  • How complicated is the installation? / Is there an automatic installation script?
    There's no "full" installation script. But you just need to change ONE file by entering your database name, user, and password (and some other unrequired fields) and then XPWeb will create your database and tables. With each new version of XPWeb, your database is automatically updated.
  • I don't see documentation online. There are no help files?
    There are two help sections:
    - installation instructions are provided as an html file in the zipped file.
    - complete help files are dynamic sections of XPWeb itself. There are available as soon as XPWeb is properly installed on your server.

    So you need to download latest XPWeb release to get these help files. They're not directly available online.

    If you really want to get a look at the help files without downloading XPWeb, you can visit our demo site that contains the help files. But remember you're never sure this demo site is fully up to date...
  • What languages are supported by XPWeb?
    More than 10 languages are available. See here


  • How much does XPWeb cost?
    XPWeb is free.
    If you use it and you think it helps don't hesitate to encourage us by donating... Support this project RSS Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0!