Overview of XPWeb

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Web server

XPWeb is a PHP/HTML/Javascript program.

It needs a web server to run.

This web server can be running on Windows, Linux and obviously MacOS X :o) or whatever machine you manage to have a web server running.

The web server must enable PHP version 4 or more.

You will need PHP version 5 or more for xml exports.

XPWeb has been reported to work on most web servers available, from Mac OS X 10.4 built-in apache to Apache 2.0 on Linux, including using EasyPHP on Windows for instance.

DB server

XPWeb stores its data into a database, like most PHP programs do.

However, it's not just a "PHP/Mysql" program. Database can be any of the major databases exsiting, like mysql, access, or postgresql.

XPWeb is supposed to work on most existing databases but has is only tested on mysql by the authors.

Some users have reported it worked on other databases, though. Please help us increase support of other databases by provinding feedback on them...

Client side

Beeing a web program, XPWeb needs to be accessed by a web browser.

Most of the existing web browsers have been tested on XPWeb and proved to work ok.

XPWeb supports all the main web browsers like internet explorer, Netscape or Apple Safari but it is much cooler on Firefox!
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