Its great to see one of our baby projects grow into such a mature and feature
rich software development enabler, thanks to Oliver and his open source team. We
have used it since the start and will continue to, for once you start using it
you will never look back.

We began an enterprise project in March 2005, and then decided to use
extreme programming methodology.

We look for a control tool, there was no commercial app that fit our
needs, we were asking for:

- Flexibility
A system that allowed us to control our project the way we needed to control it
- Stability
No system crashes, there was enough with Windowz :-)
- Open Database Platform
We needed to make our own decision system and needed to access the
database directly from our app.
- Accessibility
We wanted a system that could be accessed any place on the world.
- Efficiency
A simple but powerful system to keep our project in time by allowing
us to prevent variation in development times.

And if it could be nice looking, nothing better than that.

So we began to search, but nothing satisfied us, until we found XPWeb.
Open standards, open source, strong database, web based, php
presentation style, flexible, fast and reliable. Every thing we asked,
we found it in XPWeb.

We are very pleased at this time, and we hope to keep developing
software for the company and keep controlling it with XPWeb.

Thanks to all the people that made XPWeb possible. And thanks Olivier
for asking us about our experiences with this wonderful system.

We are Alimentos La Concordia, S.A. de C.V.a company dedicated to the
manufacturing of milk based products, cheese, pasteurized milk, cream,
etc, and flavored beverages.

We are still developing a Sales Force Automation and Inventory Control
System linked to our commercial and accounting areas in Delphi with
Oracle as Database. Support this project RSS Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0!