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The Code

XPWeb is a set of Object Oriented PHP scripts that generate XHTML pages. These XHTML pages call CSS stylesheets for presentation and Javascript scripts for user interaction. This is sometimes reffered to as DHTML for Dynamic HTML...

All these technologies follow stricts W3C rules which ensure that the pages will be properly displayed by any standard-compatible web browser.

Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0!


  • Our code is validated by the use of a unit test framework, phpunit.
  • Another tool that prooved very useful for the development of XPWeb is phpbabel. This tool allowed us to handle more and more languages and keep them up to date.

    Please don't forget to visit phpbabel developer's web site, Eurobilltracker:

  • Oh, by the way, we use a very handy XP tool to manage our project. It's called XPWeb. Our team remotely work at this address: XPWebOnXPWeb


XPWeb uses open source librairies that deserve a few words (by order of appearence!!):
  • Php Lib Login
    Php Lib Login appears on scene one, when the very first user logs in: that's the core of XPWeb's login mechanism.
  • JpGraph
    JpGraph only appeared in the sequel: version 2.2. Thanks to it, you can display nice diagrams on the reports section.
  • The coolest DHTML calendar widget
    (This is trully the coolest)
    The DHTML calendar is one of the stars appearing in XPWeb. It appears on many scenes such as the one where a task's start date is chosen while stunts hide forbidden days.
  • JavaScript: DHTML API, Drag & Drop for Images and Layers
    Helped moving metaphor div on a layer...
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